My “Ten Essentials”

Per some of your requests, I will host my own “Ten Essentials”, a popular feature seen on what used to be (r.i.p.) where designers, celebrities, and other fashion-forward individuals list the “10 things they can’t go without”. So here’s my crack at it…

1. iPhone

With my iPhone in hand not only can I check my email and surf the web, but I can keep in touch with friends for free, take and send street-style pictures, and blog remotely.

2. Montblanc Timewalker

I wear this watch everyday. It’s case is the perfect size to go from dressy to casual (with a quick band change) and I love the neutral no-frills face. It also has sentimental value to me; at 19 years old it was the first time my self-contained business allowed me to spend over $1000 on something (yes, I’ve been buying my own clothes since the beginning of high school)

3. Vintage Levis Denim Jacket

This is the perfect lightweight jacket. I wear it with everything from a t-shirt and chuck taylor to a dress shirt and bow tie. The best part, it gets better with time and only cost me $35 at a vintage clothing store.

4. Unlimited NYC Metro Card

I ride the subway. Everywhere. In NYC public transportation is often faster than cabbing-it and you are sure to come across some unique people and great street style on the train. Call me green (and economical).

5. Red Tod’s Car Shoes

I love footwear, especially the in-your-face “my kicks are fresh” type of footwear (maybe it’s from my roots as a basketball player/hip-hop fanatic). Nevertheless, these are one of my favorite pairs, and whenever I wear them women literally stop me in the street to compliment them, so they pad the ego as much as the outfit 🙂

6. APC New Standard Jeans

I’ve written about these in the past. The best all-purpose jeans that money can buy. Need I say more?

7. Basketball

If it wasn’t for the game of basketball I probably wouldn’t have gone to college, I wouldn’t live in NYC, and I certainly wouldn’t be writing this blog. The game has been the single most important influence in my life, and to this day I try to play 3-4 times a week to stay in shape and satisfy my passion for the game.

8. Filson Duffle Bag

The perfect bag. Utilitarian enough to look rugged and “manly” and clean enough in design to be carried with any outfit including my finest suit. Whether I’m heading to the gym or traveling for the weekend, I just “throw it in the bag”.

9. Michael Andrews Bespoke

Every stylish man needs a good tailor. For me it is certainly an “essential”. I take all my alterations and custom clothing orders to the experts at MAB.

10. Persol 649

Shades are my favorite accessory, and I usually go with these tortoiseshell frames made popular by Steve McQueen to complete my look.

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